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* Our Rental Conditions
* Egyptian or international license
* Be at least 25 years
* There must be proof of residency
* Demonstrate the nature of work
Not less than five days for renting a car
 Join Four Wheels’ list of regular clients  and receive your rental car in 5 minutes


10 % Discount For Renting A Month 20 % Discount For Renting A Year
150 kilometers a day
 instead of
100 km


* Punctuality and high credibility in
* Economical prices suitable to all
* Automatic cars with many
* Honest and ethics drivers
* easily car delivery at the airport

Prices: we can not determine the prices through our website because prices always in change due to the required time for renting a car and also the duration of the required lease If you want to know the prices, please send us an email with the date and the required period to rent a car and the needed car Model or Contact us on our phone numbers that is mentioned at the bottom of our webpage. We are always at your service .

We are honored to pick you up from
 the airport or deliver you the required
 car or drive you to any place in Egypt

Any place in Egypt, tourist Van H1 or Toyota Hiace 11-14 passengers

Under 25? Rent a Car Anyway

At 18 you can vote and at 21 you can legally full civil… but even then – even after you’ve been a responsible driver for several years – renting a car can still be a somewhat more expensive proposition. Why?
Because according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers who are younger than 25 are significantly more likely to get into accidents than older drivers. After age 25, the per-driver crash rate declines dramatically and continues to drop until the driver reaches 85.That said, it’s actually NOT impossible – or even all that difficult – for younger drivers to rent a car. All you have to do is pony up a little bit more cash at the register, take your keys and hit the road.
Every local car rental office has their own set of rules, but in general, if you want to rent a car at Egyptian Pound and you’re younger than 25, here’s what you can expect:

  • A typical rental car. The Style Series cars like BMWs, Mercedes-Benz and Mini Coopers are strictly for the over-25 set, but don’t worry… the cars that are available to you younglings are perfectly chic… just not “luxury” models.

  • An Under-age Driver fee. The charge varies by location, so check the Local Policies page of the rental location you’re considering.

  • The necessary documentation. Any driver, no matter how old (or young) they are will need to have a valid driver’s license Egyptian or international license, proof of residency and proof of nature of work before they can rent a car.

Important Tips

When you decide to rent a car it is certain that you have many choices for renting a car; Is it a big or small car, Automatic or Manual and of course the type and model of the car. You will start by choosing the company you want to rent a car from and know what kind of services they provide and the company terms to get the best service and price and to get the safest and easiest way for renting a car; but the thing that you does not know that car rental companies are so many and varied and the variety here means the way of dealing, honesty and sincerity and commitment; so if you are a smart customer and you want to rent a car at a reasonable price and at the same time you want the comfort and safety through a trustable company and it is far away from fraud and trickery and exploitation, please do not dazzle of cheap price from somewhere, you should think carefully and get many advantages, not only the price is the most important. . When you decide to rent a car, you should take into consideration a reasonable set of specifications that gives you the safety and luxury and thus we can say that you get the best offer for renting a car.

Committed to Delivering Perfection in Performance

Crystal Clear And Honest.

Peak in performance and commitment our Logo stems from our quality standards of commitment that we offer to our clients in order to build a lasting relationship and loyalty with them, and to be the only ones who feel safe and trust towards them when they need to rent a car

Rent car in Egypt  the best price in Four Wheels Company We are Crystal Clear and Honest. For Wheels Company is a rental car company, the best in performance an commitment One phone call and you will be one of our regular clients All cars are automatic and in excellent condition. For more information, please visit our website

Contact us - Address
35 Ibrahem El Refaie - Nasr City Cairo Egypt
Mobile No : 012-22-72-98-37
Tel  :

You can send us short messages on viber or whatsapp

Email:  four.wheels@hotmail.com Web Site En : www.4-wheels.net
Web Site Ar :
www.4-wheelsrent.com Site Reserves : www.rentalcaregypt.com
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When you decide to rent a car it is certain that you have many choices for renting a car; Is it a big or small car, Automatic or Manual and of course the type and model of the car. You will start by choosing the company to rent a car and you try to get the best service and the best price, the safest and easiest way to rent a car, but you should also think before you choose a rental company to make the right choice and to avoid being exploited.


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Four Wheels Company for rental cars is not the only company in Egypt there are many rental cars   companies but we work in an outstanding manner to let you rent a car easily and safely. by dealing with us you Will Feel the difference. we have a group of cars in a very good conditions of all luxuries that suits everyone Lancer, Toyota and Nissan are all automatic. for reservations and inquiries .contract 1. Our Rental Conditions 2. Egyptian or international license 3. Be at least 25 years 4. There must be proof of residency 5. demonstrate the nature of work 6. Renting a car is not less than three days See more

Mobile : +2- 01222729837  - Tel : +202-22746104  Email: 35 Ibrahem El Refaie - Nasr City Cairo Egypt
Web Site Ar :
 -Web Site En : www.4-wheels.net Email : four.wheels@hotmail.com

Rent Car in Egypt -  Best Rental system - Best prices and services -  Four Wheels

Best integrated system in Egypt for rental Cars – Best prices and services - worth to try. Four Wheels Company - one deal and you will become permanent customer - top in performance and commitment. Rent Car in Egypt, Four Wheels Company, top in performance and commitment, its our logo that comes from our high standards services that we offer to our customers in order to build a lasting and loyal relationship with them to be the only one who let them feel secure when they need a rental car service in Egypt. Rent Car in Egypt Four Wheels Company top in performance and commitment Rent Car in Egypt Best Prices For Car Rental Four Wheels Company for rental cars in Egypt has the best experience to be distinctive to give the customers a good impression on all of the provided services to build a lasting confidence. There are special offers, rates and services to please everyone. 

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Rent the latest cars in Egypt
Rent a Car from the airport and to the airport
Cars for rent with high quality and various services
Rent a car of the full specifications that you need

Rent a car with Four Wheels means the safety ,
Hire a car for a long time and enjoy the discounts
Rental vehicles with expert dealing drivers

Rent Car in Egypt "Four Wheels Company"
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Rent a Car in Cairo at economical prices
Rental cars, best prices
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Rent a Car in Egypt, credibility and timeliness
Rent a Car in Cairo Automatic in all luxuries

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